Coron DS-8

In 2001, a friend gave me a ds-8 for repair (was just the 5V regulator that had blown out). As I wanted one for myself, I’ve reverse-engineered it and produced a copy of the pcbs as a pdf file called the AK47… In 2012, after a lot of people seemed interested in the electro-music forum, I got back to my old copy of the DS-8 and produced a schematic of it.

I made a pcb from the schematic for a friend’s birthday so it works. However :

  • The footswitch circuit (in grey in the schematic) doesn’t work. It wasn’t working in the original DS-8 and i never got it to work.
  • Noise balance pot was originally a log pot. I think it’s better to use a lin pot in this instance.
  • I’ve added a pushbutton switch to trigger it without a piezzo.
  • i’ve added a cv input. it’s a bit crude but does the job.

You’ll find both files below :


2 thoughts on “Coron DS-8

  1. Italo Luciano Ferro

    Hi!!! Great work! Im Luciano from Argentina and was looking all over Google and couldn’t find much until i got here… I’ve just got a ds7 and was wondering… The cv input for the vco, right? Is it possible to use it with a 1v X octave CV controller for example a keystep and use it as a mono synth? Thanks!!!

  2. JASJA

    Very cool, much cleaner than the then-famous pcb from Marc Bareille it seems.
    So i could build this and just not connect the foot switch?
    And I am guessing I could wire in a resistor + push button to the piezo ‘in’ too?
    Nice work, thanks for sharing!


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