Well, i bought the ASM pcb to Gene Stopp around 1998 and built it right away but the VCF had given me some trouble. So after a few years, i got back to work.


I’ve added some features to it :

- 1 Moog ladder VCF

- 1 Korg MS-20 VCF

- Octave switch on each VCO

- Waveshapers for each VCO with Sine / Saw / Tri / Square waveforms

- Two LFO’s with Sine / Tri / Square waveforms

- 1 Ring Modulator

- 1 Sample & Hold

- 1 Envelope Follower (finally I got rid of it)

- 1 Midi to CV converter

- 1 Power Supply


Here’s a view of my workbench…Limited space…


Here’s a picture of the actual synth.

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