Polivoks VCF

After Dave Brown published his modifications for this filter, I decided to make a PCB for it.

Here’s what it looks like :

large_i-2 large_i-3



R26 the 100R resistor needs to be 110R if using LM4250, otherwise the filter stalls when the limit switch is on

Sold Out  

(PCBs are green solder mask /  HASL plated)


Schematic :

Frontpanel :


Additional Infos :

Original Circuit (Marc Bareille): Papareil

Modifications (Dave Brown) : Modularsynthesis

3 thoughts on “Polivoks VCF

  1. Ben

    Hi there

    Thanks so much for making this available!

    I just wondered, is the pot spacing ok for alpha pots as well?

    Sorry, i dont know how to check.

    Id love to get a couple made.

    Cheers, Ben

  2. admin Post author

    This PCB is only compatible with Spectrol 149, Bi Tech P261P or Bourns 91 pots. Spacing on the Alpha 16mm legs is larger than the holes so it won’t fit.

    I’ve got some leftover board to sell if you’re interested.


    1. Ben

      Ok. Sorry, didnt even think, i can of course just wire it up!

      I will send you a pm !

      Thanks Ben


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