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2600 finished

At last I’ve completed my build. All work fine. I’ve made a ghetto case from some scrap shelves, not the best but I’ll make a better case later or buy a metal case from zthee. Not decided yet. Just needed to hold the TTSH in something to being able to calibrate and play it.


ARP Odyssey VCO Prototype

Sounds good so far. Need another prototype as i goofed up a bit but quite happy it worked first time!

Edit 1 :

Final version will have Thru-hole transistors for the expo pair as I can’t get any good tracking with smd trannies. I’m tracking 3 octaves with MMBT3904/MMBT3906, 4 octaves with BC850/BC860. Quite ridiculous.

With a pair of 2N3904/2N3906, i’m getting 8 octaves of tracking (go figure…)

I’ll also change the Pulse Width trimpot to 1 turn as having a 25 turn there is making adjusting more difficult .

Still need to test how it behaves under +/-12V and to check temperature stability.